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Pokemon Go Ready to Play Accounts
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Pokemon Go Ready to Play Accounts

We are saving you from the trouble of days and days of farming! Now you can fully enjoy Pokemon Go with your friends!

All you need to do is the decide on the level of the account you desire. The account credentials will instantly be sent to your E-Mail. Your While your accounts may contain a lot of Normal/Rare/Legendary pokemons, no Stardusts has ever been used. Stardust amounts;

Level 15: 150.000+ Stardust
Level 20: 200.000+ Stardust
Level 25: 250.000+ Stardust
Level 30: 350.000+ Stardust 

The accounts will also contain hundreds-thousands of Candy for many Pokemons.

Hurry up and get your Pokemon GO Accounts now!


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