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LoL Coaching - WeWillFailer
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LoL Coaching - WeWillFailer


You can be the best version of yourself after your coaching sessions with Bram De 'WeWillFailer' Winter.

Previous Supa Hot Crew, Millenium, Against All Authority, MouseSports, Lemondogs, H2K Gaming member Bram De "WeWillFailer" Winter, will help you become a better player in no time!

Coaching session is private lessons that helps you to improve. Your improvement will depend on the amount of flaws you currently have and how many coaching hours you bought. You can communicate with your coach via Skype to ask questions, play games together or discuss your previous recorded games, etc.

For buying coaching service, you should just decide how many hours you want to buy and lets us do the rest. We will adjust optimal coaching plan depending on how many hours you have purchased.

Check here for detailed information about Bram De "WeWillFailer" Winter.



Q: Can I set the date for my coaching session?
A: Of course! We can arrange your coaching according to your schedule.

Q: Is it viable at any server?
A: it's viable at EUW and EUNE servers.

Q: Can I change my order or cancel it?
A: Yes. providing that being in first 15 minutes of coaching service, you can cancel it or request another coach.

After your purchase of a coaching session you will have one week for your coaching to be completed, you can schedule anytime you want within this week but if you do not join scheduled sessions or contact us at all , your order will be marked as completed.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.