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Level 30 Unranked (Smurf) Account Sale
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Level 30 Unranked (Smurf) Account Sale


Do you want to play ranked but have no time for leveling? Or you are not satisfied from your current ELO? Do you wish to start over? GGorQQ Unranked Smurf Account Sale is just for you! 

You can buy new 30 level unranked accounts with different IP amounts now.

Our accounts are not e-mail confirmed. By this means you can confirm with your own e-mail adress after you purchased and become a true owner of the account. Also no ranked matches were played before with these accounts. If you wish, we can play placement matches for you also.


 How soon can you deliver the account?
A: After your order, your account information will be sent to your e-mail adress in 10-15 minutes
Delivery time depends on our stocks. For more information, please contact our Live Support.

Q: Can i choose nickname for my purchased account?
A: 30 Level Unranked Smurf Accounts have randomly, usable nicknames. Unfortunately you cant choose your nickname. But if you wish, you can change it with using RP or IP.

Q: Does these accounts have champions or runes?
A: Accounts only contains stated IP quantity. You can buy champions and runes with this IP.

Q: How are the accounts leveled?
A: All Level 30 Unranked accounts are leveled by special bots. All the accounts at the market are leveled the same way. This is the reason for them being so cheap.

Q: Can I get banned?
A: When it comes to account sales or leveling accounts in this specific way, there's always a slight chance of ban. We are taking the necessary precautions to reduce this risk to the minimum and also advise you to take some precautions. Therefore, almost all of our customers are enjoying their accounts with no problems.

If you prefer to take no risk + choose your own nick, you should consider our Level Boost. It's more expensive than smurf accounts because manual, risk-free leveling is really time consuming. We save all the IP and deliver you the account in a good shape.  

Q: What are the precautions I can take to stay safe?

  • You need to verify your E-mail before you start playing on your account.
  • We advise you to not buy any RP's for a month.
  • Ranking up too fast might increase your chance of getting noticed. 
  • You mustn't use 3rd party programs or any kind of scripts.
  • Avoid contacting the game authorities and/or opening tickets.
  • It'll be helpful for you to follow the summoner's code. 

Q: Do you have any guarantees??
A: If your account is suspended in the next 7 days following your purchase by any of our mistake, we'll provide you a new account.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.