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LoL Placement Games
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LoL Placement Games

If you still didn't complete your placement matches, ensure the best start and let us do the job!

Our professional players will play placement matches for you in either Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex queue types with the best results.

  • We guarantee you 7 wins if you buy all placement matches. (This guarantee is up to Platinium players on the last season)
  • If we fail on the guaranteed win goal, we'll add one free division to your boost. (Ex. If your placement games are completed with 6 wins and your account is placed in Gold 5, your order will be completed in Gold 4.)
  • If your placement is Platinium 1 after the placement matches, boost will count successful regardless how much we win.

To make payment, simply fill the required information on the left side. After your order is taken, it will be started as soon as possible. You can write to our Live Support for anything you wonder about.

Delivery Time:

  • Please ask our live chat about the delivery time.



Q: Am I able to buy Placement Matches in both Solo/Duo and Flex Queue?
A: Yes! Our professional Elo Boosters can play on all Ranked Types. 

Q: Which league will I get placed after the placement matches?
A: Your placement depends on your last season league, MMR of your teammates/opponents and number of wins you get out of 10 matches. You can get placed Platinium 1 at most.

Q: Is this process safe?
A: While we are doing the placement matches, we never answer your in-game messages. Also for providing the best security, we are using VPN services.

Q: Can I play while the boost is in progress?
A: If you want to play while we are boosting, you should contact us via our Live Chat for your account's availability. And don't forget that it will take much longer if you interrupt the service. Additionally, don't forget that every time you login to your account while the boost is in progress (or even when our booster is in a break) you are causing prolonged gameplay and multiple IP log-ins in a short span of time that may put your account at risk.

Q: How can i track my order and know when it is finished?
A: You can track your order in your 'My Account' section or you can always contact us via our Live support and ask about it 24/7. We will inform you with an e-mail when your order is completed.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.

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