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LoL Win Boost
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LoL Win Boost


If you prefer to get help in couple matches, or don't want to risk your promotions our LoL Win Boost is just for you! 

When you buy LoL win boost (available in both Solo/Duo Queue and Flex Queue), you can always play ranked games whenever you want while boost is in process. 

For buying game boost, you can just fill the required information. After your order is taken, it will be started as soon as possible. you can contact us 24/7 by our Live Support for asking anything you want.


  • Our win boost service does not guarantee 100% win ratio. Thats because, it's not possible to predict teammates/enemies we play. But our matches generally end up with 80% win ratio or more.

    Win boost system doesn't mean that all games will be won. It means you'll have +win amount at the end of your order.

    If you order 2 games as win boost, it can end up with 3 wins 1 losses, 2 wins, 4 wins 2 losses etc. 

    If you're on series or about to fall a division, it doesn't make any difference in your order.

    E.g. You're on Gold 3 series with 1 win and 1 loss, if you order a win boost we'll try our best to win the game but if it's a loss; our player will win 2 games and complete your order.


Q: Who will play with my account?
A: After you order is recieved, we will assign one of our professional LoL players. Unlike the other websites, we don't hire random players. Our all players are expert and experienced in the league.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We take all the precaution needed. We never answer to your friends. Also we use VPN services to provide highest security possible.

Q: Can I play when you are boosting?
A: There is no problem if you want to play when the boost is in progress. You can play ranked whenever you want. But you should contact us before you log-in to your account. But don't forget that the process will slow down. Additionally, don't forget that every time you login to your account while the boost is in progress (or even when our booster is in a break) you are causing prolonged gameplay and multiple IP log-ins in a short span of time that may put your account at risk.

Q: How can i track my games and know when it is done?
A: You can see your last 5 matches by your "My Account" section. Also you can write us by our Live Support, and learn about your order's process. When your boost is done, we will inform you with e-mail.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.

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