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LoL Duo Boost
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LoL Duo Boost

Are you thinking about getting help for climbing leagues? Do you want to play with our Professional players? You can make it happen with GGorQQ Duo Boost service!

You can boost your account without giving your information and playing yourself. (%100 Safe)

NOTE: Our game boost service does not guarantee %100 win ratio. That's because, it's not possible to predict teammates/enemies that we will encounter. But our matches generally end up with %80 win ratio or more. Also Duo Boost service doesn't include coaching. To benefit from Coaching Service, you can check our LoL Coaching page.



 How will I play with my booster?
A: When you order duo boost, you should let us know when you are going to be available. According to this we will create a schedule for you.

Q: Is this safe?
A: Nobody will be logging in your account which means there is no violation of ToS of the game. It's %100 safe.

When you order for duo boost, an estimated date will be set for the order to be completed. If you are absent meanwhile and/or not available your order will be marked as completed.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.

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