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Hellfire Citadel Normal (EU - Horde)
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Hellfire Citadel Normal (EU - Horde)

Our PVE and Raid services are EU only (for now) and FOR THE HORDE! (Alliance boosts will start soon, ask live support for more information)
We will contact you via e-mail or live chat after your payment is made. 


  • WoW account with active subscription.
  • Level 100 character.

Delivery Time:

  • We need 3-15 days to complete any order. The queue depends on what you have (patches, number of customers, etc.) but we usually need around 7 days to complete most orders.
  • When we start the job we will tell you the ETA of when you can expect it to be done.


Q: How do I contact you ?
A: You can contact with us 7/24 via live chat.

Q: Who will play on my account?
A: We only work with professional e-sports players. Depending on your realm and class, we'll attend a professional booster to your account.

Q: Can I play other games on my Battlenet?
A: Yes, you can play other games on your Battlenet but not World of Warcraft until we are done.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We use different VPN for every consumer.

Please check out our F.A.Q. for your other questions.
This service might be unavailable, please contact our live chat before making a payment.