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Hearthstone Golden Hero Portrait Boost
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Hearthstone Golden Hero Portrait Boost

It's the time you need help for your Golden Hero Portrait, because let's face it; farming for that, is boring! We'll complete the required wins, just enter the quantity of wins you wish to buy and consider it done.

You can order by filling the required fields on the left. After your payment is recieved, we will contact you via live chat or e-mail for further instructions.


  • Average card collection.


Q: On what servers is the service available?
A: Service is available on all servers.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, it is hundred percent safe, we use different VPN for every customer.

Q: Who will play on my account?
A: A professional Hearthstone player will play on your account for the hearthstone boost. All our players are professional e-sports players that cares for your accounts safety more than you do, so no need to worry!

Q: Can I play Hearthstone during the process?
A: You can always contact with us via our live chat and log-in to your account. Every log-in will slow down the process and using the same account from two different IP's might expose your account to punishment for account sharing.

Q: Can I play other games on my Battlenet?
A: You shouldn't login to your account once your boost is started. You can ask our live chat if our booster is playing. 

Q: What is sharescreen via skype and teamviewer?
A: Sharescreen is an option where you don’t have to give us your username and password of your Battlenet. You'll need Teamviewer app and a solid upload speed for this option. This way our booster will connect to your computer and start your order.

Q: How do I contact you if my questions haven't been answered?
A: You can use the live chat. It’s located in the bottom right corner.

Q: How can i track my order and know when it is finished.
A: You can always contact us via our Live support and ask about it 24/7. We will inform you with an e-mail when your order is completed.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.