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CS:GO Smurf Accounts
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CS:GO Smurf Accounts

Need a fresh start in CS:GO? CS:GO Smurf Accounts are the best way to do it.   

You can instantly buy one of our smurf accounts in EVERY RANK possible. 

  • All of our accounts are ready to start playing ranked and none of them have VAC bans.
  • Only used by our professional team before you, a lot safer than buying an account from somebody you don't know.
  • No risk of losing your account, start in the rank you prefer, the cheapest prices in the market. What else would you ask for?



Q: How soon can you deliver the account?
A: After your order, your account information will be sent to your Order Details in 10-15 minutes.
Delivery time depends on our stocks. For more information, please contact our Live Support.

Q: Can i choose nickname for my purchased account?
A: Smurf Accounts have randomly, usable nicknames. Unfortunately you cant choose your nickname. 

Q: Do I get any items in the account?
A: Smurf accounts don't have any items in their inventory. 

Q: Who played the account before me, is it safe?
A: Only our professional booster team played in the accounts to get the rank you have purchased. No hack or cheat software is used and the accounts are in perfect shape.

Q: What about e-mail transfer? Isn't it risky?
A: We open all of the accounts with GGorQQ guarantee. After your purchase, our support team will help you with the transfer of the e-mail.

Q: Some of the low ranks are more expensive, why is this?
A: Price list is correct. Low rank accounts are usually not preferred. This results in low stock, higher prices.


*Steam has a restriction for new accounts without any payment history to use market or add friends. You need to add Steam Balance to your account to remove that restriction.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.

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