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Battlerite League Boost
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Battlerite League Boost

Do you desire to be in higher leagues in Battlerite? GGorQQ is here to help you!

Our Professional Battlerite players will play on your account to help you reach your desired leagues!

Why should I purchase Battlerite Boost?

  • Your league will get higher and you will play more fun and challenging games.
  • You can enjoy yourself while professional players with GGorQQ quality climbing leagues for you and gain rewards!
  • You can leave behind the bad leagues and enjoy your games even more!

To make payment, simply fill the required information on the left side. When your order is placed, it will be started as soon as possible. You can write to our Live Support for anything you wonder about. 

After your purchase, you need to close your Steam Guard completely so our booster can login to your account.

Delivery Time:

  • Delivery time depends on order details. For more information, please contact our Live Support.



Q: Who will play on my account?
A: After you order is done, we will assign one of our professional Battlerite players. Unlike the other websites, we don't hire random players. Our all players are expert and experienced in the Battlerite.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We take all the precautions needed. We never answer to your friends. Also we use VPN services to provide highest security possible.

Q: Can I play during the boost?
A: It's advised that you don't but if you still wish to play, you can contact us via Live Support and let us know that you wish to log-in. Additionally, don't forget that every time you login to your account while the boost is in progress (or even when our booster is in a break) you are causing prolonged gameplay and multiple IP log-ins in a short span of time that may put your account at risk.

Q: My account is Unranked, how can I order?
A: If your account is Unranked, you can check Battlerite Placement Games.

Q: How can i track my order and know when it is finished.
A: You can track your order in your 'My Account' section or you can always contact us via our Live support and ask about it 24/7. We will inform you with an e-mail when your order is completed.

You can check our F.A.Q for all your other questions or contact us via our Live Support 24/7.

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