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Boosting is basically increasing your in-game ratings, levels, skills or any other comparable stats with other players to get ahead of other players.

When you order a boost from our website, your account login credentials(If needed) will be taken from you. Then in very short time, a booster will be assigned to your order and start your boost. All our boosters are professional players who stand at the top of the game they play. When your order is completed, you'll be notified via E-Mail.

Boosting is not supported by gaming companies. Therefore some restrictions might be applied to your game accounts In case they are noticed by gaming companies. To keep your accounts safe, VPN services are used in all our services and more precautions are taken by us. None of our players respond to any of your friends in-game and they never talk to anyone. With the precautions we take, the risks are kept at minimum.

Duo Boost is when a professional player by GGorQQ is assigned to play with you while you keep playing at your account.

In our Duo Boost services, you won't be asked to give your account details. After your order, you will be given a spesific time and you will play with our booster at that time.

We don't give any win guarentees at Duo Boost services. The reason for this is that the account owner, teammates and many other conditions might effect the order. 

In our Game Boost services, one of our professional players login to your account and play games at your desired amount. The pricing will be done depending on the amount of the games you purchased. 

Our players average %85-90 win rates in the games theyplay. But still, we don't give any win guarentees on Game Boost services. It is impossible for any player on earth to guarentee a win on any game they play. This makes the Game Boost prices even cheaper for you.

All our players are carefully picked from the best players in the games they play. We guarentee that no harm will be done to your accounts by any personal mistakes. 

Your order will be approved in 5-10 minutes after necessary controls. Your process will start within the same day.

After receiving your order, a professional booster will be assigned to your account. Assigned booster will start playing on your account when available and finish your order in the given time. Boosters are not obligated to play at certain hours or for certain times as long as they finish your order in the given time with no problems. 

It is advised that you don't login to your account during the process for security reasons. However, If you wish to login to your account, you'll need to contact us through our Live Chat and ask If our booster is currently at your account or plan on logging in anytime soon. Customers are responsible from any harms done to the account or the order In case of any unauthorized logins.

  • You can see all of your previous orders in "My Account" page. You can click "Review and Comment" to view further details about your order and send us a comment about it. 
  • You will be updated via e-mails about the status of your order.
  • Our live support is online 7 days 24 hours. You can always contact us and ask anything about your order. 

The estimated completion time is different for each order. You can contact our live support for more information.

You will see "Comment" button on your "My Account' page at the right side of your spesific order. You can share your experiences and thoughts regarding your order from this page. Your personal details will never be shared with anyone.