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  • Click on the "Register" button. (Right top)

  • Please fill the necessary information to proceed.

  • After your registration information is processed, an e-mail will be sent to you for activation. Your registration will be completed when you click the link. You can login now. 
  • Login first and click "Add Balance".

  • If you have any balance in the account it should look like this. You can still click here to proceed to add balance page. 

  • Please enter the amount you wish to add.

  • Proceed by choosing the payment method.
  • After you complete your payment, your balance will be added to your account.

You can contact us via Live Chat about this situation. Commission fees will be extracted from your balance.

Your order will be approved in 5-10 minutes after necessary controls. Your process will start within the same day.

  • You can see all of your previous orders in "My Account" page. You can click "Review and Comment" to view further details about your order and send us a comment about it. 
  • You will be updated via e-mails about the status of your order.
  • Our live support is online 7 days 24 hours. You can always contact us and ask anything about your order. 

Coaching system contains private lessons created just for you and your individual needs after a short questionnaire. In these lessons, your coach and you will be on Skype/Teamspeak reviewing your previous games, discussing your questions, playing together or using other methods your coach set to improve your gameplay. 

  • Once you have decided which coach you want, you can order it by filling in the necessary information on the product page.

  • After your order is completed, we will contact you to obtain needed information for your coaching session(s). After this information is processed by your coach, (s)he will create a schedule and your lessons will start.
  • GGorQQ is a legal service provider. 
  • We are at your service with our professional team and 7/24 live support.
  • Tons of referances, comments from previous customers.
  • Because you have no reason not to. :)
  • Please complete "Booster Application Form" at the bottom of the page.

  • We will contact you when we are in need of new additions to our squad.

1: You need to click the category you wish to sell a product, and click the "Sell" button.


2: Read the sales rules at the top of the page

3: Then fill in the required parts.


4: Upload a picture that fits your product.

5: Click "Sell" to complete.

You can view and edit your sales on "My Account" page.

Once there has been a comment to your sale, you will be sent private message and E-mail. You can reply the comments by clicking the link in the message or simply by clicking on your sale on our website. Your reply will be shown after a brief time of approval. 

The commenter will also be notified through private message and E-Mail.

When one of your items are sold, we will instantly contact you. Then we'll ask you to follow the steps below;

  • Using the "Update" option for your sale, you'll need to fill the details of your sale.
  • If you haven't sent us earlier, we'll ask you to send us Photo of your ID/Passport/Driver's Licence.
  • Then you'll deliver your Item/Account to us. And we'll deliver it to teh buyer.

After these steps, your sale will be complete and your credits will be added to your balance. You can contact our Live Support 24/7 for any further assistance. 

Money you earned from your sales will be added instantly to your balance. If you wish to withdraw this amount, you can click on "Withdraw Balance" from your user menu. 

After filling the required fields, click on "SUBMIT" to place your request. 


Your balance will be transferred within 24 hours.