WeWillFailer and GGorQQ Join Forces!


Coaching service with Bram De “WeWillFailer” Winter is now active at GGorQQ!

Who is “WeWillFailer” ?

Bram grew up in Aarschot, Belgium. He started playing video games from a very young age. Bram started playing League of Legends soon after its release and became one of the top listed players on the EU West servers pre-Season 1. He favored solo mid champions, heavily playing a majority of his games as Anivia and Twisted Fate.  Bram has been a part of many teams so far, such as: Millenium, Against All Authority, MouseSports, Lemondogs, H2K Gaming and many more professional E-Sports clubs. He is currently a part of the team Nerv. For any further information on Bram De Winter, you can check  his page.

You can now purchase coaching sessions with Bram De “WeWillFailer” Winter from GGorQQ website