Some Pokemon Secrets You Should Learn

Pokemon Go is a simple game to play. But although that’s true, lots of calculations and complex systems await those who wanna be the very best! Many players know about the Pokemon types and advantages over other types but there are some hidden calculations behind the Pokemon powers in the game. On this article, you’ll find some hidden secrets on Pokemons and their abilities.

Hidden Powers

Attack, Defense and Stamina

You won’t find any mention of Attack, Defence, and Stamina stats on your Pokemon Go screen, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. These stats are the same for every pokemon of the same species and explain why, no matter how much you power them up, a Rattata is never going to be a powerhouse like a Snorlax or a Lapras.

The Attack and Defense stats are pretty simple, but the Stamina is what limits your secondary special move in battles. The higher that stat the faster the special bar will fill and you will be able to perform the move. Therefore, you’ll be at advantage.

Individual Values (IV’s)

Remember when we said the Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats are the same for each species? Well, that’s true but each individual pokemon also has an extra set of individual values for those three stats that can have a rating of 0 to 15.  IV stats are used on Pokemon World for so many years but there isn’t an exact way of knowing these stats. The better IV rating you have, the better your pokemons are going to be. We strongly advise you to keep High IV Pokemons!

The problem is that you can’t see IV stats in game. But there are some websites and tools that will help you. You can visit “Pokemongostat” website for this.

Right Timing

When to Evolve?

The CP boost you get in Pokémon GO when evolving a pokémon does not depend on what level you are as a trainer, but instead what species the pokémon is and the other hidden stat info we’ve already covered. If you evolve your pokemon straight away, you might and most probably miss a better pokemon. Instead, It’s always better to keep your pokemons until you are certain that you won’t find a better one anytime soon.  

When to Power-Up?

One of the advices we have for the players who are planning to play Pokemon Go for a long time, is that you shouldn’t Power-Up your Pokemons until you are at least Level 20. The reason is quite simple. At higher levels, you will start to encounter stronger and rarer pokemons with higher CP values. It will be best for you to keep your Stardust and Candies until you are high level in case you want to find strong pokemons.

Furthermore, you should Evolve some common pokemons using Lucky Egg prior to Level 20. Evolving your common pokemons with Lucky Eggs at level 18 will most probably make you level 20 in no time. You can use this strategy on pokemons such as pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie, Zubat and Rattata.

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