New Features Coming Soon to Pokemon GO!

Nintendo and niantic announced some of their future plans for Pokemon GO! But when are these plans will take place is still uncertain. Here’s everything we know about the next steps for “Pokémon GO!”

New Pokemons

We can only catch first gen Pokemons so far. But with the future update, we may see up to 450 Pokemons. Some of them are going to be legendary Pokemons which we all have been waiting!

New Items

There will be new items which will empower your Pokemons. 

Pokéstop and gym customization

Niantic Labs promised that players will be able to, “customize their functions in some ways.” We’re excited to learn how! 

Trade your Pokémon with friends

While the feature isn’t in the game just yet, it’s coming! The head of the studio that makes the game told our colleagues at Business Insider that it’s at the top of their priority list. “It’s kind of a core element,” he said.

Battle Pokémon with friends

Sure, you can battle at gyms in both friendly and competitive fights. But what about the classic Pokémon concept of battling friends? That’s also coming. It’s just a measure of when.

Better Pokémon tracking tools

based on a trailer from last year, it looks like a more complex navigation system is coming. You might even see directions juxtaposed into the world around you.


Player wil be granted with random quests which will be available for a limited time. Players will be asked to complete the quest in this limited time and rewarded in some unique ways.