Overwatch is not your just another FPS. Game conatins 22 playable heroes, 12 maps, 4 game modes. If you’ve played Team Fortress before, you most likely have an idea of the concept. Overwatch is really well upgraded TF in most manners but the real difference is that this one requires strategy, team building, hero counters, more timing and skill. Well, at least most of the time with most of the heroes. You can still shoot people in the head with Hanzo even not aiming for their head.

Heroes in the Overwatch are categorized into 4 main roles; Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Blizzard really have done a great job with the heroes because they all do offer a completely different experience. They all need different playstyles and tactics. All heroes have counter heroes that you need to consider before picking. Learning curve is pretty smooth. Games last average of 15 minutes and you’re able to change the hero you are playing in the game similiar to TF. All things considered game is really well made and we recommend you to try it out. We think the biggest major flaw of the game is its price is really high and may not be affordable for a considerable percent of the gamers, that might affect the competitiveness and pro scene.