LoL Champion Mastery Levels and Rewards

One of the most popular and interesting systems in League of Legends is Champion Mastery. This system is based on rewarding the player with the most played/successful champions, you gain mastery points each game.

This point is calculated by the game itself depending on your contribution to your team and your individual success. You will get a grade depending on that contribution. These grades are; D, C, B, A and S. You will be getting plus, minus signs as well. Pretty much similar to school grading system most of us used to.

Leveling is where it gets a little complicated. You’ll only need mastery points up to level 5. After level 5, you’re going to need 2 ‘S’ games for level 6. You can get S-, S and S+; they all count for level 6. But for leveling to 7 you’re going to need only S and S+ scores, 3 times. Getting S is not really easy if you’re not really comfortable with the hero. System works pretty well in that regard.

In low levels you only get champion titles but after level 4, you’ll get mastery badge emote, loading screen border and announcement banner. Even while you’re logging in the game all your teammates and enemies can see your mastery level. That might seem irrelevant but really helps in the psychological aspect of the game. When you dodge a couple skillshots, get double or more you flash your mastery badge and it crumbles their spirit, seeing that you’re not going to fail with your champion.

Even if you don’t have enough time, it’s pretty easy to get level 7 mastery with some help. You can use our GGorQQ Champion Mastery Boost service and in a couple of days your games will be a lot more fun.