League of Legends Season 6 Rewards are announced!

  League of Legends Season 6 Rewards coming soon! November 7, 2016 is announced to be the last day of League of Legends Season 6. This year rewards are a lot more than before, top player will get physical gifts as well! 

League of Legends Season 6 Ranked Rewards

 All summoners those played ranked this season will get their respective Summoner Icon‘, Silver and above will get Banner Trim‘ and Loading screen border, Gold and above will be able to get all those and Invite and friend request flair‘ and ‘Victorious Maokai’ skin. The mighty Challengers will be able to recieve ‘Exclusive physical rewards’ specially made for them in late spring 2017.

lol season 6 rewards

League of Legends Season 6 Team Rewards

  They did not forget about ranked teams as well. Team rewards of this year is ‘Ward Skins’. You only need 15-30-45 points respectively for getting your really gorgeous ward skin. Your team needs to complete at least 10 games and you’ll be getting 3 points for every ranked team win on Summoner’s Rift.

 Check these out!

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Season will be over by 8th November 2016 00:00. Player rewards will be distributed the next two weeks after that. Your ranked points will not decay in this Pre-Season before Season 7.

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