Hearthstone Weekly Meta #1

We are starting the new ‘Hearthstone Weekly Meta’ series. There’s going to be a top 5 deck list in standard ranked play every week. Make sure to let us know how you do with the lists!

Top 5 Decks this week;



1- Control Warrior

CW has always been a good deck but never #1 except now. It constantly counters all other top decks with really high percentages of win rates. The worst side of the deck is of course the time consuming matches that makes it a bad deck for 20-10 ladder. Hello to the guy that plays CW on Rank 19!

CW counters Zoo, Aggro Shaman and Tempo Warrior really well. Only hard meta match-up should be Mid-Range Shamans so if you keep playing against them, you should consider changing to Zoo / MR Hunter.






2- Zoolock

 Cheat deck of the last 2 years still dominates the ladder and it’s still the best deck to climb with. The hate that Zoo gathers is almost same with Combo Druid and that shows just how powerful deck is.

Biggest counter to zoo is Freeze and you don’t see Freeze much these days. En büyük counter’ının Freeze Mage olması ve Freeze’in ladderda çok nadir denk gelmesi büyük bir avantaj. Freeze dışında Warrior match-uplarında zorlanıyor fakat iyi bir başlangıç ile her zamanki gibi maçı bitirebiliyor.






 3- Mid-Range Shaman

The biggest winner of the Old Gods is Shaman by far. Mid-Range version is great in the ladder. It still does have the insane start of the aggro shaman but offers much more persistence due to nature of the deck. And its fun!

 Worst match-up is zoo, second is Mid-Range Hunter. If you don’t lose to a terrible brawl, the deck is doing great against CW with a staggering %80~ win rate.





4- Tempo Warrior

Tempo warrior is reborn with the Old Gods. Deck offers fun, fast paced gameplay that CW is lacking. Old variants of the deck before Old Gods was fun still but not viable. It currently does well against plenty decks. Above others it counters Zoo easily with Ghouls, whirlwinds and Bloodhoof Brave!

Hardest match-up is by far Aggro Shaman, you just can’t live enough against the deck if they can start well. And somehow they usually do. Second worst is CW. If you’re not constantly facing Aggro Shamans and CWs you should do fine.




5- Mid-Range Hunter

Nerfing the aggro version helped MR Hunter a lot! Most of the aggro variants most beloved are non-existent this opened up a window for MR Hunter to shine with the new tools it got. Call of the Wild’s effect is almost Dr.Boom level, you win if you control the game, you clear the board if you’re behind. Versatile and really strong. Beast synergy also helps the deck a lot.

Aggresive decks like Aggro Shamman, and bursty Miracle rogue are hard counters to the deck but the deck is really good against the Mid Range Shaman that you see a lot. 




Bonus: Aggro Shaman

The most unstoppable deck when you draw well and it’s deliciously fast that makes it great for starting the ladder. No brainer deck with low cost; great for new players and great after tiring days. Matches takes approximately 2-3 minutes. Even if you got a %51 percent win rate, speed makes up for it and you still climb faster than slow decks like CW.

It’s not great against tempo decks except Tempo Warrior but the reasons explained above makes it still great for ladder.




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