Hearhstone: One Night in Karazhan

Blizzard announced the latest adventure expansion for Hearthstone. One Night in Karazhan will be released at 11th August.

The expansion includes 45 new cards. These cards will be available through defeating 13 PvE bosses placed on 4 wings.

Players will also have the chance to obtain 3 new card backs.

The Blue Poartal cardback will be awarded after finishing Karazhan at Heroic difficulty. Medivh’s Invitation will be monthly award and Karazhan Nights will ve rewarded to all players who purchase the expansion on it’s first week. The Blue Portal picture has not yet been released but Karazhan Nights looks very interesting with the disco ball which is the theme of the new expansion. You can find complete list of One Night in Karazhan cards on this article with our ratings.

Karazhan Nights

 Medivh’s Invitation

We now continue with the most expected new cards!

One Night in Karazhan Cards



Enchanted Raven is the first announced Druid card. We believe this card will be pretty effective on the beast druid concept. A 2-2 card with 1 mana cost is the strongest power creep against many decks. It may have a similar effect to Zombie Chow when played on first turn. No doubt, this card will be a great one on the Arena. 7/10


Makes you happy when cast from Yogg but this card doesn’t look strong enough to be placed among 30 cards. Below average : 4/10


Excellent card for Beast Druids. We believe this card will find it’s way into many Beast Druid decks. When used together with Stranglethorn Tiger and Druid of the Claw, this card has a high potential of ending the game right away. Same goes for the Arena. 10/10



Kindly Grandmother, consists of 1-1 grandmother and a 3-2 deathrattle card- big bad wolf. This card seems a decent 2 mana card for N’zoth Hunter and Beast synergized Mid Range Hunter decks. Since it requires at least 2 attacks or a silence, the effectiveness is close to Shielded Minibot. We believe we’ll see this card around pretty much in every hunter deck. A great common two drop will also help hunter arena a lot. 8/10


Slow tempo but has a potential when used with Cloaked Huntress. Will be too slow against minion based decks. 4/10


This card has the best 3 drop stats and as long as it is alive, you can play your secrets with 0 cost. Most of the Hunter decks will use it for sure. Excellent card.  9/10



Babbling Book is a pretty different card but we find it difficult to be played by Tempo Mage decks. Being discover would help this card but the RNG on its current state makes it, unlikely to be used. It would surely be tried by several decks but you wouldn’t want to see this card on turn one instead of Mana Wyrm. Reno decks might find this card useful. 6/10


Firelands Portal definetaly seems pretty weak for a 7 cost card. We believe It won’t be used at ranked. Although It may have some fun plays on Leeroy or Doomguard cards. It’s quite good for Arena. The children of Hearthstone Arena team must be playing Mage in arena, which is the only explanation for making crazy good common cards consistently for mage. It may also be used for Reno decks. 4/10


Will definetely be placed in Reno Decks and some fun secret mage decks. Has a great synergy with Iceblock and spellbender which is the only downside of the card that they’re not commonly used. 8/10



Discovering a spell and healing the hero for that amount seems pretty bad for a 6 cost 4/4 card. At best, Avenging Wrath will heal 6 and Concecration will heal 4. If the tempo weren’t so important this card coould’ve been used but we find it unlikely to be placed at already slow Control Paladin decks. Considering other 6 mana cards that are being played right now, this card will have a hard time finding it’s way into the decks. 5/10paladin Below-average card for Paladin decks that already have many good buff cards. Might be good for Arena but we find it difficult to be picked at ranked. 3/10


Razorfen Hunter vol 2. We believe this card will be played in Dragon Paladin decks. 6/10



Resurrect + 3 mana and 3/4 body is pretty good for a single card. But still don’t think this card will be enough to save Priests from their current state.  7/10


This card seems pretty good against aggro decks with the heal and 3/6 body. It’s average for control match-ups.  7/10


This card is perfect since the only missing thing in Priest decks was the ability to silence their own minions!  Once played, this card will make your opponent laugh so hard that you will find every opportunity to win the game! You should add this card to your Priest decks and never play them again!  Purify/10



This card is planned to be played with Undercity Huckster and Burgle. It may be tried with Swashburglar. We believe it’ll be a fun deck but not so competitive. Putting more than one into any deck will be unlikely. 5/10


3-2 body for 3 mana and the deathrattle gives 3-2 weapon which also costs 3. Bad against Aggro. Also bad against Control. In short: bad.


If 3-2 two drops are used more often, this card seems pretty good. Otherwise It’ll be below average. Seems strong in Arenas though.  6/10



Pretty good for a 2 cost card. Not having overload is a plus. May even help clearing the board against zoo decks with the spell power totem. 8/10


Seems to be made for totem shaman decks but this card is so bad. 3/4 body is pretty bad for 4 cost and a random for each spell doesn’t help this card.  3/10


Not different from Light’s Justice. Bad card. Might be played If there are more spell powers added to the game. 1/10



Kara Kazham offers a package of 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3 drops. Although It seems fair to use after an AoE, 5 cost seems pretty high for this card. It’s unlikely to be played. Even though It is a bit better than Silver Hand Knight, It’s faith seems similar. 4/10


Malchezaar’s Imp will make you fatigue faster on discard decks and also capable of replacing Voidwalker on Zoo decks. It’ll never be as strong as Mana Wyrm or Tunnel Trogg but It’ll provide the chance to be faster to already fast decks. It relieves you of all the damage done to the tempo by Doomguard and Soulfire while only missing a taunt compared to the Voidwalker. 8/10


Will be placed into zoo decks with Malchezaar’s Imp. Most of the time, you can chose which cards to discard when playing zoo decks. This card will provide a good tempo in these situations.  9/10



Unleashed the Taunts is a new card of Blizzard’s efforts of enforcing bolster to Warriors. Bolster will probably fail again but we believe this might be an option for Control Warrior decks against Evolve Shaman or Zoo decks.  4/10


While It seems logical to combo with Violet Illusionist, 8 cost for this combo is too much. Some decks may use 1 of this card for a change. 5/10


4 armor and a 4 cost minion for 5 mana seems so random considering a lot of bad 4 drops are out there. We don’t think this card will be used.  2/10



This card seems weird with its mix. We don’t think it’ll be played much. Even though it’s used to draw cards in a fitting deck, the fact that this card is 7 cost and 4-6 is enough to make it weak. 4/10


Adding 5 legendary cards to your deck always seems interesting. This card will probably be useful for fatigue decks but adding 5 extra random cards will make it unlikely to be played by tempo decks. Many deck attempts will be made for this card. We should note that this is the best card for Arena we’ve ever seen.  5/10


Barnes is our favorite card in One Night in Karazhan. It’ll be placed to many decks in fact it will win the games instantly by itself on some occasions. Tirion, Ragnaros, Ysera, Cairne, Twilight Summoner, Sylvanas, Y’shaarj, Savannah Highmane are some of the cards we can think of right now that will synergize with Barnes. And at it’s worst RNG, this card will have 4-5 body in total which is more than fine. 10/10


The visual for this card may be the only positive thing about it. Other than that, this card may find a place on Divine Shield Paladin decks, maybe 2/10


6 Cost for 3-6 body is pretty bad. Considering 6 mana drops are so valuable, Kodo seems to be at advantage here. When you think of this as Shadow Word: Pain + 4 drop it may seem valuable but since  it’s hard to encounter strong 3 or less attack minions at turn 6 is rare and this card requires dragon sinergy, we find it highly situational to use it.  We disagree others’ opinions on this card being so good and we rate this as an average card.  6/10


8 mana 7-7 drop and gives Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian as a weapon. This weapon will summon a minion with the cost equal to the cost of the spells we cast. Renolock, Hunter decks with Call of the Wild and Reno mage decks might use this. Body is average, weapon is so strong but for tempo it is really slow. 7/10


Yogg Mage decks and Miracle Rogue might use this card, not much else to talk about. 7/10


Some great combos might be built with this card. Sylvanas and Cairne are some of the cards we can think of. Will have a good potential with the deathrattle cards. But again, it’s really slow. 6/10


Only Reno Mage might use this among the current meta decks. Pretty strong with its close stats to Belcher.  7/10


Might be put into some Paladin decks. When played at a perfect time, this card might be so strong with 5 mana 10/10 stats but we find it difficult to be played regularly. 3/10


Sen’jin ? 1/10


Might be a good combo with Fool’s Bane but other than that, there’s not much effectiveness for this card.  3/10


We cut down the rating since there is no Murlock on the card visual. Also while the card’s name is Zoobot, it’s pretty bad for Zoo decks. When there is a Beast, Dragon or Murlock, this card is good for a 3 mana 3/3 drop. If there are 2 or more of those types, this card will be excellent. 7/10


Another bad card with 2x 1/3 spiders. Spiders need to be buffed right away to see the other round. It might see play in druids. 2/10


Might be a great choice for Reno Dragon decks. Only dragon decks may also use this card even though It’ll be slower. 5/10


“Let’s throw 1 more meaningless taunt over here” Blizzard 2016. 2/10


Reversed Mana Wyrm 3/10


Can only be used with cards like Battle Rage or buffs. Worgen otk is the only choice we can think of that it might fit.  2/10

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