Most Common Pokemon Go Errors and Solutions

We analyzed the most common Pokemon Go Errors and their Solutions in today’s post. One of the most played games currently and by far the most buggy game right now. After you download the game, you can go crazy even in couple of minutes that makes you uninstall or not enjoy the game at all. We looked for all the most common pokemon go errors and decided to share easiest solutions for them so you can enjoy catching them all!

  • Pokemon Go Server Error and Solution

Every Pokemon GO players’ nightmare. This means that insufficient servers of Niantic are failed. As you might imagine there’s nothing you can do about that but for handling the situation easier you can check pokemongostat to see if the servers are up and stop closing/opening/closing/opening Pokemon GO. 

  • “Pokemon Go has stopped working” Error and Solution

If you keep getting a message in the middle of the game that says “Pokemon GO has stopped working”, this one is about RAM capacity of your phone. When your phone’s RAM capacity is low, it heats up and shuts most applications randomly. To avoid this error you should close all running apps in the background before starting Pokemon GO. You should also clear cache memory of Pokemon GO in the application section of your phone for a smoother playing experience. 

  • “Failed to detect location” Error and Solution

This error is caused by Settings in your phone. You need to deactivate “Allow mock locations” in Settings -> Developer Settings and you are good to go.

  • ”You already own this item” Error and Solution

You might get this error while trying to buy something with your Poke Coins. Solution is turning your phone off and back on. 

  • Seeing your account is level 1 Error and Solution

You might have accidentally opened two accounts, one Google and one Pokemon Trainer Club. Log off and log in with your correct account. 

  • All GPS Errors and Solutions

Most GPS errors are commonly caused by two reasons. 1. You forgot to open your GPS. 2. Your phone’s GPS is not good enough. Go to your phone’s GPS settings, set your GPS to “High Accuracy” mode, that will help.

  • Lure Modules or Incenses aren’t working Error and Solution

If you’re having this problem, go to time settings of your phone and check if it’s using network-provided values (automatic mode). After you save your settings, re-open the game. Your problem will be solved.

We hope you catch all of them without any errors!