Hearhstone: One Night in Karazhan

02/08/2016 0

Blizzard announced the latest adventure expansion for Hearthstone. One Night in Karazhan will be released at 11th August. The expansion includes 45 new cards. These […]

Hearthstone Weekly Meta #1

20/06/2016 0

We are starting the new ‘Hearthstone Weekly Meta’ series. There’s going to be a top 5 deck list in standard ranked play every week. Make […]

Hearthstone Summer 2016

01/06/2016 0

Zul’drak is the cardback reward of June 2016 Hearthstone. You already know, but for the ones who do not; you need to compete in the […]


30/05/2016 0

Overwatch is not your just another FPS. Game conatins 22 playable heroes, 12 maps, 4 game modes. If you’ve played Team Fortress before, you most likely […]

TheFlyingRam joined GGorQQ!

15/01/2016 0

  Well known Turkish Hearthstone Streamer  Utku Can “TheFlyingRam” Koç joined GGorQQ ! Who’s “TheFlyingRam” ?  Utku Can Koç. is born in 1990. He’s living in Izmir. He […]